Seven Colors of the Universe is a double vinyl with music created around samplings from a trip in Punjab, northern India. A roadtrip on which we meet singers and instrumentalist from all religions and beliefs, and read more

Midsummer 2023 Oona Recordings released Coming and Going, a vinyl record featuring birds, strings, bass clarinet and cornet. read more

Armed with cameras and microphones, Nils Berg and filmmaker Donovan von Martens were sent to Basilicata, the mountainous landscape under the heel of Italy’s boot. Their goal, commissioned by…

Korparna, a musical take on the Tomas Bannerhed novel by the same name, commissioned by The Gothenburg Combo, premiered at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress in 2020

“Dina Grannar”, a piece commissioned by Västerås Konserthus is a 45 minute long audiovisual piece and a short film premiered at Gothenburg Film Festival in 2019

The Dorte Olesen choreography “Måndag” featured original music by Nils Berg and a cast of five dancers and 3 musicians

I en stad, the fairytale podcast for children and their grownups, features lyrics by Kalle Carmback and music by Nils Berg. The two seasons feature 20 episodes and 2 full length albums.

Recieving the award “Jazzkatten”, as the composer of the year, by Swedish Radio P2, results in the piece “Chinese Whispers #1”, commissioned by the radio in 2018.


Nils Berg: “Coming and Going”
Nils Berg Cinemascope: “Basilicata Dreaming”
Nils Berg Cinemascope: “We Seem To Be Drifting Apart”
Nils Berg & Kalle Carmback: “Mer musik för barn och deras vuxna”
Nils Berg & Mikael Augustsson: “Gubbstol 1937”
Nils Berg & Kalle Carmback: “I en stad”
Nils Berg Cinemascope: “Searching For Amazing Talent From Punjab”
The Stoner: “Kinder Call”
Nils Berg Cinemascope: “Vocals”
Nils Berg Cinemascope: “Popmotion”
Nils Berg: “Sailors Dancing In The Fight Hall”
The Stoner: “The New Pink”
The Stoner: “Hat Music”
The Stoner: “The New Pink”
The Stoner + Forss + Borg: ”The Lektor Tapes”
The Stoner: “Upp till kamp”

Here’s To Us: “Animals, Wild And Tame” (Hoob Records)
Håkan Hellström: “2 STEG FRÅN PARADISE” (Universal Music)
Hurrakel!: “Anna Lund presenterar: Hurrakel!” (Hoob Records)
Oskar Schönning: “The Violin” (Schönning Records)
Oskar Schönning: “Belgrade Tapes” (Schönning Records)
Oskar Schönning: ”Happy Jazz Please” (Bonnier-Amigo)
Oskar Schönning: ”Oskar Schönning” (Bonnier-Amigo)
Paavo: “Cançó del Paó” (Found You Recordings)
Paavo: “Paavo” (Apart Records)
Krantz: “Euphoria” (Krantz)
Krantz: “Siberia” (Amigo)
Sofia Karlsson: ”Svarta ballader” (Bonnier-Amigo)
Josef och Erika: ”Wallpaper Stories” (Footprint Records)
Yttling Jazz: “Oh Lord Why Can’t I Keep My Big Mouth
Shut” (Headspin Records)
Lina Nyberg: ”Tellus” (Mooserobie)